Friday, November 24, 2006

Happy Thanksgiving 2006

We just got home from St. George where we spent most of Thanksgiving week. We had great time there with our family. We also learned about our own little family while we were away from home.

Two nights ago my daughter awoke in a panic--It was likely a nightmare, but she couldn't express herself. All she could do is cry and gesture desperately, behind her, in the direction of the single window in the room.

It was likely going to be a long night.

We had no explanation for her terror. It occured to me to ask her if she'd seen something terrible. I asked her if she'd seen someone in the window. She nodded in agreement with her head buried into my shoulder, and instantly fell asleep.

We too could return to sleep. And I had one final thought as I closed my eyes. We all feel safer when we feel that someone is aware of us. When they listen to our thoughts-our fears, the world is a better place.