Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Letter to Hatch:Stop PATRIOT Act Expansion

The EFF is spearheading an effort to urge Senators to not expand PATRIOT to authorize an "administrative subpoena" power. A template, very different from my letter below is available on their website. Please feel free to use, or modify, my letter for your use as well. I differ from the EFF in that I don't oppose the entire PATRIOT act, just this one draft provision.

As a constituent who, largely, supports the USA PATRIOT Act in it's present form. I was disheartened to learn that Section 213 may be revised in order to expand executive powers to include an, unconstitutional, "administrative subpoena" power. I urge you to not affect this change. The 'search and seizure' provisions of PATRIOT must include the requirement to obtain a warrant authorized by a court. These checks and balances are sacrosanct, and must not be altered. I also ask that the Senate Intelligence Committee's mark-up session on Thursday, May 26, be opened to the public.

Your committee's current draft bill endangers my civil liberties and those of every other citizen. I strongly urge you to return your commitee to sanity, and remain true to the Constitution. The Constitution forbids "warrantless" searches, for the protection of the people. I have supported 'delayed notification' provision, under the oversight of the courts, and have suffered derision, and ridicule for my views. I stand by these views, but cannot stand with you on the modification of Section 213.

I strongly urge you to leave intact the language of Section 213, and open your session to the public.

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