Friday, November 11, 2005

Utah George Will's Confusion

Utah posted this statement culled from Hugh Hewitt's radio program.

"National radio host Hugh Hewitt pointed out yesterday on-air that George Will's latest column on Utah's rebellion against No Child Left Behind contains a few sentences that "would have received an 'F' if they had been written by a 3rd Grader." The sentences in question: "Not all Utahns are Mormons. Almost 11 percent are Hispanics, heading for 20 percent by 2020, and there is a significant population of Pacific islanders. But the state's singular tone is set by the Mormons." Though Hewitt, an evangelical, "disagrees with Mormon's theologically," he knows enough about them to recognize "they're not some kind of ethnic group, segregated and cut off from everybody else in Utah. Doesn't Will know that many Utah Hispanics and Pacific islanders happen to be Mormons, too?""

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