Friday, February 03, 2006

gazelem: Thomas Jefferson Education

My wife and I have discussed sending our kids to private school since we are not enthused about the job that public school is doing today. Although, we are both products of 'Public Education', we don't necessarily want to subject our children to it.

There is one problem. Money. So, I've come across a post by Gazelem who is a self described as "obsessive", and he's talking about reading the same books as his children and then talking about them, or writing, or both. Now, I know that sounds like this would require an "obsessive" person to pull off, but methinks a dabbler like myself just might be able to do it--and still send the kids to Public School.

Now, what this accomplishes in my mind is places the primary responsibility of educating the children squarely on the parents. The kids can also be a part of a much larger culture that can be had at a public school. I want kids who are independent thinkers, but can play well with others. The balance I'm trying to strike is between raising elitist snobs, and, alternatively, common (and sometimes ignorant) folk.

On a side note, Gazelem credited me, in an earlier post, for getting him hooked on Geocaching. I'm afraid I may have dangled the carrot, but he turned his own nose. I just can't be blamed for his Geocaching at 4 AM on a whim! That's just crazy and it's time to have an intervention.

gazelem: Thomas Jefferson Education

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