Wednesday, May 02, 2007

On Blank Checks

"The president wants a blank check. The Congress will not give it to him."
No, Madam Speaker, the President would like you to remove the following small print from your check.

In order to operate the Congressional funding service and to reduce the risk of fraud, Congress Inc, ("Congress" or "we") must ask you to provide us information about yourself and your bank account. This Policy describes the information we collect and how we use that information.

If you apply for a Congress branded credit card or credit line, you authorize Congress and the issuer of the Congress branded credit card or credit line ("Democrats" or "your eternal foe") to exchange the information you provide in the application form. If you are approved for a Congress branded credit card or credit line, your account may be frozen upon the existence of one or more of the following conditions.
  • You continue to operate in your assignment as "Commander and Chief" of the United States, without, first, declaring fealty to a panel comprised of the 222 members who dislike you.
  • You refuse to disclose the reasoning by which we funded your operations in the first case.
  • You continue to use words such as "veto" and "find common ground" in reference to Congress, Inc, 222 members who dislike you.

1 comment:

Tom Grover said...

It's call checks and balanaces, bro. Bush is our President, not our King. He doesn't get the absurd luxury of not having to answer for his use and performance with tax dollars and more importantly American lives.

Federalist 10 & 51 speak to these very issues.