Friday, April 01, 2005

Those April Fools!

I took the day off work for my wifes birthday--no joke. I have to say that navigating the world on this day is both dangerous, and thrilling. I took a drive this morning down the wrong side of the road (I'm not speaking allegorically), and it's felt surreal ever since. We saw the 'Phantom' in the theaters today, and there were only three other people there besides my wife and me. I was so close to telling her I'd rented the whole theater just for us. Now that I've logged onto the Interweb, I can't understand anything I see. New technologies that have never existed have surfaced, my Gmail account is climbing towards a two multi-Gigabyte limit shangrila, and my Anti-virus software is telling me that it expires today (that's true). Tommorow, I'm taking the red pill before I leave home--or is it the blue one? I leave you with some of the headlines that just shouldn't be.

Apple sells iPod socks

USB Fundue set
PC Virus makes Humans feverish
Get a free U2 Album--(Oh wait, let me look into that one.)
Microsoft expands Windows Piracy Check (They aren't joking. I just said it shouldn't be)

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