Thursday, August 16, 2007

Romney vs. Huntsman: On Immigration

Lamar Smith has an article on Mitt Romney with the claim, "Governor Romney will enforce our immigration laws." Let me cover the points of Romney's career as Governor of a blue state addressed in this piece and contrast these with the actions of the Governor of Utah, a very red state.
  • Romney: "In 2006, he signed an agreement with the federal government to deputize Massachusetts State Troopers so they could help enforce immigration laws. "
  • Huntsman: Some in the legislature tried to enact legislation to this effect, but without the endorsement of the Governor.
  • Romney: "He authorized Massachusetts National Guardsmen to deploy to the Southern Border."
  • Huntsman: Nothing like that here according to Jim Matheson.
  • Romney: " In 2004, Governor Romney vetoed a plan that would have provided illegal immigrants the same in-state tuition at public colleges and universities as Massachusetts citizens."
  • Huntsman: Illegal immigrants get in-state tuition in Utah, despite efforts by some in the legislature.
  • Romney: "In 2003, he announced his opposition to efforts to give drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants, again upholding the rule of law."
  • Huntsman: Signed legislation for 'driving privilege' cards in 2005.
  • Romney: "He also insisted upon teaching our kids in English."
  • Huntsman: Wants to hire Mexican teachers to teach English to immigrants in Utah. (there is a subtle difference in execution here)
CNN estimated in May, 2006 that Utah has 100,000 illegal immigrants. The 2000 Census puts Utah right below Massachusetts for illegal immigrants.

It is not my intention here to bash Governor Huntsman. Only to offer a point of comparison, and to say that the state a person hails from has very little to do with their own ideology.

Whether we agree with Romney or not, we can say that his record shows that he acted conservatively on immigration.

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Reach Upward said...

Thanks for the insights. I keep hearing people say that a "moderate" like Huntsman is one of the good guys and that it would be bad for GOP purists to drive folks like him from the party. I'm waiting to be convinced.