Thursday, June 16, 2005

Pete Ashdown: My email and his response

Subject: Recent email attack recommending boycott of Xmission

As a registered Republican, myself, I was disappointed to see that
Xmission has become the subject of a boycott due to your bid for
Senate in 2006. I thought you might like to know that I've blogged
about the issue in your favor. The link to the post is below. Please
feel free to reference my post, meager as it is, in any way you would
like. Best of luck in your campaign!

Subject: Re:Recent email attack recommending boycott of Xmission

Thank you for your support Tyler and thanks for the mention. I do not in any
sense label the entire Republican party with the actions of one extremist. In
fact, since the email was sent, I've received far more support from
Republicans who are as disappointed as you are, than from anyone supporting
the boycott.

Also, I do not think Mr. Kuchinsky is a co-owner of the City Weekly. He
attempted to start another paper, the "Utah Weekly" if I recall correctly as a
competitor to the City Weekly. I think the "Utah Weekly" folded after about
20 weeks.

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