Monday, June 13, 2005

Andrew C. McCarthy on Patriot Act on National Review Online

Thank you Andrew McCarthy for setting me straight on PATRIOT. He contends in his article that 'Administrative subpoenas' aren't the Constitutional wrench, in the works of our liberties, I was led to believe.

I guess I have been trying so hard to see the perspective of those who fear government prosecution, that I have been duped myself.

On the subject of fear, I watched a 'pseudo-hearing', on Friday, held by the Judicial committee of the House in which luminaries like Amnesty international were called to testify on PATRIOT abuses. As it turned out, the testimonies centered on allegations regarding Gitmo detainees and immigration prosecutions, primarily, unrelated to PATRIOT at all. The hearing was summarily closed by the Chair when questions and answers ventured so far outside of the subject matter, for which, the hearing was convened. Oddly enough the Democrats stayed and continued questioning the 'witnesses' after the hearing was gavelled to a close--a kind of protest. The Left were brazen in their abuse of house rules as they, repeatedly, called 'point of order' and 'point of personal priviledge', interrupting their counterparts time, only to make a speech, themselves, rather than requesting a bathroom break, or asking for clarification on the rules as would be allowed under the rules.

So, returning to reason and reality, I refer you to McCarthy on PATRIOT.

Andrew C. McCarthy on Patriot Act on National Review Online

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