Thursday, March 17, 2005

The Nano-memory road to unified memory.

Philips R&D will announce in the April issue of Nature, their new Nano-memory development. The unified-memory problem is described by Dr. Karen Attenborough, project leader of the Scalable Unified Memory project at Philips Research.

"The holy grail of the embedded memory industry is a so-called unified memory that replaces all other types, which combines the speed of SRAM with the memory density of DRAM and the non-volatility of Flash. Philips' new phase-change line-cell technology is a significant step towards this goal"

Researchers have been working on unified memory for thirty years, with little to show for it. This will lead to high capacity, small memory cards for portable devices. A PC will boot in the time it takes to turn on the lights. My prediction: Philips will partner with digital camera, and handheld manufacturers (perhaps iPod?) with product available late 2005. Unified memory won't reach the PC market until 2nd, or 3rd quarter, 2006.

Atoms never forget

Philips Develops a Non-Volatile Nano-Electronic Memory Technology

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