Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Trackback Spam

Emmy Advanced Media - Television Business News: Trackback Spam

Now, that I'm introducing myself to the benefits of Trackback, I've come across this unnerving post.

"Yeah, so? Ah ... glad you asked. Guess where the newest
haven for Spammers is? Yep, Trackbacks. This comes under
the 'nothing is sacred' heading. Sure, you can spend time setting
up bogus Trackbacks by hand, but it is time consuming and probably
won't yield great results on any but the most highly trafficked sites.
But, create a robot to do your bidding and Trackbacks can yield a
zillion clickthroughs from unsuspecting blog readers."

Since I'm using Haloscan myself, I will be able to block the IP's of any who abuse Trackback on my blog.

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