Thursday, March 24, 2005

Who's on the Board?

It's interesting to see who can pop up on the board of directors of some big companies. For example Al Gore has been on the board of directors for Google, and currently Apple. It can expose where a company might be heading in the future. Below are three companies Board of Director listings.

Microsoft Board of Directors (link)

...includes someone from BMW, and Harvard.

Apple Board of Directors (link)

...someone from J. Crew, Al Gore (I wondered where he went), and Arthur Levinson-also on Google's Board.

Google Board of Directors (link)

Arthur Levinson (see above) from Genentech, a leading Biotech Company. Also someone from Stanford, and Intel.


j.m. said...

Al Gore is on the board of directors for Apple... Wow. These are indeed crazy times in which we live.

Drive By Commenter said...

Why not? Afterall, he invented the Internet.

Anonymous said...


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